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 The Story So Far
Sailor Chrome
 Posted: Dec 18 2017, 10:42 AM

played by OOC

These aren't the droids you're looking for, move along.

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34 ABY, Month 4 to 14th Month 5 - TIMELINE OF EVENTS

In Month 4 of 34 ABY the First Order's attack on the New Republic was an open declaration of war. The Hosnian Cataclysm wiped out the system and destroyed any New Republic presence. The result was devastating in both loss of life and the loss of more than half of the New Republic's Defence Fleet. The disaster caused chaos, distracting the New Republic and keeping it from launching any retaliatory attacks against the First Order. It did, however, unbalance the political gridlock enough that an emergency session of the Senate was called, made up of survivors and drawing others out of retirement. On Chandrila, the old and new capital of the New Republic, Mon Mothma was called out of retirement and voted in as Chancellor. The Senate and the New Republic are now braced and preparing for the inevitable war to come.

Although the destruction of the Hosnian System and the New Republic fleet stationed there was seen as a great victory for the First Order, it did not come without its losses for them as well. Not only did they lose Starkiller base itself and the troops and equipment stationed there, but they have also lost a great deal of their remaining supporters within the New Republic. They must now regroup, recover and replenish their ranks. Time is of the essence as both the New Republic and the Resistance still exist to stand in the way of their goal of domination and order in the galaxy.

With the attack on Starkiller base, the Resistance has been forced to leave their base on D'Qar and to scatter. They have separated into smaller guerrilla groups while they seek out a new, secure location to reestablish themselves. As General Organa gathers her command staff to deal with their losses, she must also wrestle with her personal grief at the loss of Han Solo at the hands of their son. Much of the hope of the Resistance still rests with Rey and her mission to the Unknown Regions to find Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

The Five Worlds of the Corellian System stands strong in their sector, unravaged by war and with their assets intact. After enduring decades of oppression under the heel of the Empire they now remain staunchly independent and have not joined the New Republic. The Hosnian Cataclysm has only served to solidify that stance. With the First Order threat now a clear and present danger they have begun increasing both their defensive and offensive capabilities to ready themselves for the new war that looms heavy on the horizon.

The Mandalorian Clans also sense the brewing war and are preparing for it in their own way. However, they must first unify their own. Some clans, more mercenary than most, see the incoming war as an opportunity to line their coffers, while others recognise the First Order as simply a replacement for their Imperial oppressors.

Meanwhile, criminal elements such as the Hutt Kajidic Lhonuina continue with business as usual, seeing the impending war as a chance to expand their reach, acquire territory and increase their wealth.

The upheaval throughout the galaxy has also been a boon for the Bounty Hunters Guild, who has seen an impressive uptick in bounties for First Order operative revenge killings as well as bounties on First Order traitors and heroes and leaders on all sides.

Still unknown to all the major players, there are still remnants of the old Jedi Order eking out a life of survival and grifting while attempting to keep their heads down and attached to their shoulders.

Similarly, under the cover of the dark side of the force, a new Sith Order is rising from the ashes of Devaron with it's own shadowed agenda.
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