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 Posted: Dec 16 2017, 08:54 AM

played by The Collective

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First Order

Military Junta

We have been through the crucible and emerged stronger.

In the decades that followed the Empire's defeat, the First Order gradually built its strength through the secret mobilization of new fleets and armies in violation of the Galactic Concordance and Republic law. Despite this open defiance, the New Republic did not view them as a threat, allowing them to continue their colonisation and expansion in the Unknown Regions.

While the First Order briefly existed as part of the Republic political process, they seceded from the body politic once tensions flared. They still have their sympathisers in the Senate, although they have lost many after the Hosnian Cataclysm.

Although the First Order became entangled in a conflict the Resistance, the Republic remains its primary target.

The organisers for the First Order is Sailor Chrome and Cole. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #first-order channel.

Codex: First Order
Codex: Helicoprion Squadron
Codex: Praetorian Guard

Knights of Ren


The Knights of Ren are a mysterious group of Force users who fall under the authority of Supreme Leader Snoke and his apprentice Kylo Ren. Not much is known of them, only that in their wake people have been known to disappear.

Codex: Knights of Ren

The Resistance

Paramilitary Group

We are the spark that'll light the fire.

The Resistance is a small paramilitary force established by Leia Organa in the aftermath of the New Republic's refusal to heed her warnings about the growing threat of the First Order. Established in 28 ABY, they have been combating First Order attempts at undermining the New Republic with mixed results.

Utilizing hit-and-run tactics against the forces of the First Order, the Resistance's military strategy has been to merely delay the movements of the First Order and obtain irrefutable evidence of illegal military incursions into New Republic territory to present to Republic Command.

Their biggest victory was the recent destruction of Starkiller Base, but this resulted in the need to evacuate their D'Qar base. The Resistance is now retreating to a more secure location.

The organiser for the Resistance is Indy. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #resistance channel.

Codex: Resistance
Codex: Rogue & Wraith Squadron

New Republic

Democratic Government

All ways of existence. All the choices for all of us.

The New Republic, formed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic after the death of the Emperor, fought against the remnants of the Galactic Empire until the Galactic Concordance. For three decades after the New Republic served as the dominant political force in the galaxy, but by the time of 28 ABY they had degenerated into political gridlock and infighting. Two unofficial but powerful factions known as the Centrists, who advocated a stronger galactic government and military, and the Populists, who believed that individual worlds should retain most authority, squabbled for control of the Senate and the New Republic.

In 34 ABY the Hosnian Cataclysm destroyed any New Republic presence in the Hosnian System. The disaster distracted the New Republic from any retaliation of the attack, but did unbalance the gridlock enough that an emergency session on Chandrila voted in Mon Mothma as Chancellor. The Senate are now preparing for the inevitable war.

The organisers for the New Republic is Sailor Chrome and Indy. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #new-republic channel.

Codex: New Republic

Defence Fleet

The light glows stronger when we struggle.

The Military Disarmament Act, signed after the Galactic Concordance, drastically cut the New Republic's military to a large but operationally-limited peacekeeping force. The aftermath of the Hosnian Cataclysm eliminated one fourth of the New Republic fleet, but much of it was further out in New Republic space to patrol borders and repel pirates.

Now the military must build up and prepare for war.

The Five Worlds

Corellian System Government

Freedom is what we do with what is done to us.

The government of the Corellian System stands strong in their sector, unravaged by war and with their assets intact. They staunchly defend their own independence after their long tenure under an Imperial Moff and have not joined the New Republic. They trade with those they wish, the Corellian Engineering Corporation stands for most of their exports and as a result have a considerable defensive fleet.

Only recently have they begun increasing their defensive and offensive capabilities, the First Order threat becoming more apparent. After the Hosnian Cataclysm the Five Worlds have lost any faith they had in the New Republic and are set on defending themselves rather than allowing their way of life to be threatened.

The organiser for the Five Worlds is Indy. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #neutral channel.

Codex: Five Worlds


To protect and serve.

The Corellian Security Force operates as the primary law enforcement agency for the planet Corellia and, under the Five Worlds, has authority throughout Corellian Space. CorSec is an extremely self-sufficient organization, though during the reign of the Galactic Empire and the occupations of Corellia, they were used to hunt down enemies of the Empire, such as slicers, terrorists, and Rebels. During the Great Jedi Purge, CorSec also aided agents in tracking down and hunting Jedi.

CorSec employs agents of many skills, including computer experts, technicians, commandos, security guards, diplomats and snipers. The agency is extremely efficient, and few criminals are able to operate for extended periods of time on Corellia before a CorSec agent infiltrates the organization.

Undercover officers are allowed to participate in crimes against property, but can not aid in or even allow crimes against people. All undercover agents are told that they do not have to do anything they morally or philosophically object to.

The CorSec academy is found in Coronet City.

The Clans of Manda'yaim

Mandalorian Clans

Family is more than blood.

The Mandalorians are bred and born warriors, millennia of evolution have them at their peak as soldiers and warmasters. Their clans put special significance on family and tradition, but also accept renewal through adopting worthy outsider warriors who wish to join them. They only scoff at those who do not realise the Mandalorian way is the right way, free of prejudice and focused on helping their fellow warriors, either as farmers, techies, healers, or any other conceivable role.

The organisers for the Mandalorian Clans is Indy and Cole. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #neutral channel.

Codex: Mandalorian Clans

The Force Sects

Jedi Remnant

First comes the day; Then comes the night.

There are those who remember the Jedi and remember their ways, but they are almost gone. Some wander the galaxy, keeping their secrets close. A few have survived the purge of Darth Sidious, some learnt from those who survive, but they are few and far between and are a dying breed.

The organiser for Luke's students is Sailor Chrome and for Hal's ragtag group it is Indy. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #force-sect channel.

Codex: The New Jedi Order

New Sith Order

We are the seekers, not the shepherds.

Mysterious and unknown, the New Sith Order is quietly on the rise. These unknown forces gather to enter the fray as a new player. Who they will support, if any, is unknown. They seek to actively recruit in the shadows.

The organiser for the New Sith Order is Cole. Contact them for questions, or drop by the Discord and chat in the #sith-order channel.

Codex: Sith Order

The rest of the best

Civilians & Criminals

But in war who has time for pity?

Those without any particular official loyalties and only may have sympathies towards a particular cause. These individuals know how to make life work for themselves. Maybe they're just scared, not willing to engage the quiet war raging in the spacelanes. Maybe they're taking advantage of the situation to make as many credits as possible. Whatever their reason, they make their way through the galaxy alone.

Bounty Hunters Guild

The thrill of the chase, the expertise of the hunt.

Mercenaries, hunters, and soldiers. At the end of the day, those without a conventional craft must find their own way. For many, they turn their skills to the Bounty Hunters Guild. Bounty hunters accept contracts for the capture or elimination of a posted bounty. Anything from corrupt politicians to small-time criminals can find themselves at the end of a bounty hunter's gun.

Codex: Bounty Hunters Guild

Criminal Organisations

Somebody's got to have it, why not us?

In the wake of the New Republic's gridlock and infighting, the major criminal organisations were allowed to flourish. They are now thriving across the galaxy, with the major players influencing the nature of the game.

Hutt Kajidic
Operating out of Nal Hutta in Hutt Space, the Kajidic of the Hutts thrives and extends their influence beyond the borders of their area. The organiser for this group is Sailor Chrome. Contact them for questions or join the Discord and chat in the #neutral channel.

CODEX: Hutt Kajidic

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