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 Starter Guide, Where to go and what to read
 Posted: Dec 15 2017, 04:33 PM

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Welcome to Phoenix Rising! We are a no apps and no word-count RP forum set in the Star Wars universe, taking place after The Force Awakens.

This starter guide will direct you to the important bits of our forum.

Firstly, there are the Rules, which includes the Code of Conduct for PR, general rules, account registration, and graphics rules.

Then you may as well hop on over to the Story So Far thread and figure out our setting and where we're going and
make sure to check out the Timeline.

If that catches your attention, you can pop by the Factions, the Wanted Canons, and the Wanted Ads to see the lay of the land. If you're considering a canon or a fully fledged Force user, check out the Canon List to stake your claim or make sure our caps on fully trained Jedi and Sith aren't full.

If you decide to join us, it is important that you register an OOC account with your chosen internet handle before beginning to create character accounts. The only thing you have to do when you register a character is post in the Character List so we can have an overview. If you've claimed a canon or a member of the capped groups, post a notice in the Canon List that you've claimed them.

Once you get to posting, remember to add an indication of date/time/location on every starting post in a thread, so that you know where it is in the overall timeline. You can find the suggested header in the Starter Post Header Code thread.

PR also uses Priority Missions to keep the monthly boardwide plots going. Feel free to jump in or join one! These change every month, so there's a little bit for everyone.

A quick overview of the staff can be found in Meet the Staff.
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