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★ Felathi Albireo

New Republic ~ 43 ~ Pantoran ~ New Republic Senator ~ She/Her
5'10" ~ Slim ~ Lawful Neutral ~ Single
Felathi Albireo is a Senator from Pantora. She is strong willed and like most politicians she is manipulative and ambitious, but she does genuinely care about her people and though to a lesser extent, the galaxy as a whole. She was born and raised on her moon homeworld and did not leave it until she was elected to represent it in the New Republic's Galactic Senate ten years ago. She is one of the few acting Senators who took office before the loss of the Hosnian System. A local political issue within the Pantoran Assembly had delayed her departure for Hosnian Prime, and the Senate session taking place there, thereby saving her life and preserving her seat. Felathi has also recently felt the awakening within the Force, though she is not yet aware of exactly what these new feelings are.

Her main goal at this time is to protect her homeworld and it's people from the threat that the First Order, and the newest galactic war, present.

Plotter ~ Wanted ~ Sailor Chrome
CONTACT: PM ~ Discord: Sailor Chrome#2020
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