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★ Amon Ren

First Order ~ 35 ~ Twi’lek/Human ~ Knight of Ren ~ He/Him
6’0” ~ Fit ~ Lawful Evil ~ Single
Amon Ren, Spectre Seven, Jacen Syndulla

He wanted to be a Jedi, just like his father before him. A pilot like his mother before him. Heroes the both of them were. Together with their motley crew of rebels, they helped spark the flame that became the Rebel Alliance. That spark, however, came at a price. Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus sacrificed himself to save the dream and the light of his life, Hera Syndulla.

Born on the eve of the Civil War, Jacen Syndulla grew up surrounded by friends, family, and rebels alike. Raised on the stories of his father and the Ghost crew, the youngest Spectre aspired to become as brave and selfless as his parents. With his dark green hair and pointed lime green tinted ears, Jacen proved to be an extraordinary child from the very beginning. At the age of 4 he could levitate meilooruns, at 10 he could pilot the Ghost on his own, and when he was fifteen he got a Loth-Wolf tattoo on his left shoulder.

Passive and soft spoken, Jacen placed the needs of others before his own. All the stars appeared to align when Jedi Master Luke Skywalker took him under his wing, becoming one of the very first students in his new Jedi academy. With great sadness he bid farewell to his family and continued on the path to becoming a Jedi like his father. There he quickly befriended Ben Solo. Seeing him as a younger brother and the new Chosen One, Jacen promised to protect him no matter what. Once among Luke’s most devote pupils, Jacen now distraught over his attempt to murder his own nephew, turned his back on his former master and his Jedi ideals. Now reborn as a Knight of Ren, Amon dutifully serves his new Lord and Master, Kylo Ren, to bring order throughout the Galaxy while expanding his knowledge in the Force.

His lax and carefree demeanor allows him to mediate with ease, granting him a strong connection with the Force. Despite preferring to focus on his defensive capabilities rather then offensive, he can definitely hold his own. Equipped with a red double-bladed spinning lightsaber based on the schematics of the very same Inquisitiorius that hunted his father, Amon can deflect blaster bolts, intimidate opponents, and hover over short distances.

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