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★ Syal Antilles

New Republic ~ 22 ~ Human ~ starfighter pilot/escort ~ doesn't care
5'4" ~ athletic ~ New Republic ~ single
"Hurry up flyboy. You better be as good as they say or this girl is gonna show you up. Oh you know my father well that's good at least you have half an idea of what you are up against then."

Syal Antilles is Wedge and Iella Antilles eldest daughter. She was trained by her father and a few others in the academy when she was old enough to do so. She's protective of her family. However, she is not with them right now. She stayed with the New Republic defense fleet because she wants to see it through to its end. Her parents fought to bring it into existance and if she can help keep it going she will though she's not exactly happy with the estrangement that the Resistance and the New Republic have.

For her it makes more sense to move together and not lose out to the First order because they wouldn't use everything at their disposal. She is idealistic and believes in the greater good. She had however, not made it easy for her superior officers but she's an ace fighter pilot at twenty too and she does her jobs no matter what it is well. She may be uncoth but she gets things done and she gets consistant results.

She misses her family but sheer corellian stubbornness keeps her right where she is and now there are those that are trying to win her heart and that might be the biggest adventure for her or all times so to speak as she's generally oblivious to matters of the heart. She is also a rather decent cook.

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