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★ Darth Macaria

Sith ~ 27 ~ Human ~ Sith Lord ~ She/Her
5'6 ~ Fit, Muscular ~ Sith ~ Single
Birthname: Unknown
Age: 28

Planet of Origin: Arkanis

History: -Abused from a young age.

-The only family is twin sister Darth Melinoe

-Recruited for Luke's academy at age 12

-Luke rejected the twins after the evaluation period due to deep-seated rage darkness and trauma that made them a threat to the other kids.

-The twins tricked the pilot that game to return them to Arkanis and hid in the forests of Yavin Four.

-In the forests is where they met there sith master Exar Kun.

Plotter ~ No Information>Wanted ~ Cole
CONTACT: PM ~ Discord: Marvolo #8766
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