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★ Amara Ordo

Mandalorian ~ 21 ~ Human ~ Fugitive ~ She/Her
5'5 ~ Lith ~ Unknown ~ Single
Amara was born on Mandalore to clan Ordo in the midst of war and conflict. She was trained as a warrior, as most mandalorians are. She was always different next to her fellow clan members, bullied by other children, not always belonging. Her father distant and almost abusive in his cold nature ever since her mother died giving birth to her.

Anger always had its place in her heart, she was prone to violent outbursts when pushed too far and one day it went too far. Something happened, she wont speak of it but she exploded one day. Literally. Which resulted in the death of several mandalorians.

Little did she know the outburst was the force, the mystical power that whispered in her ear telling her its existence that she had spent her whole life pushing down had finally crashed through all her carefully built walls.

Terrified and knowing the deaths of her own people would mean her own end she ran. She stowed away on the first ship offworld, she traveled from planet to planet like this hiding in ships until she found one big enough to get lost in the population.

But still, her name was blasted across the criminal underground, a bounty was on her head and she was wanted for murder and betrayal of her own people. Meaning she was not safe around other mandalorians. With no other choice she sold her precious armor and used the money to run further away from Mandalore and its allies. The only thing from home she kept was a pendent in the shape of the Mandalorian crest that had been a piece of her mother's chest plate.

She is on the run, with no where to go and death the only person awaiting her at home.

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