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★ Queen Citra

New Republic ~ 18 ~ Human ~ Queen of Naboo ~ doesn't care
5'4" ~ slender athletic ~ Naboo People ~ Single
Queen Citra is also known as Serafim Mambie. She choose the name Citra when she was coronated Naboo's new Queen. However, whether or not the eighteen year old is known as a good Queen or not will depend on how and what she does in relation to the state of the galaxy right now. Everyone however, knows that she really does have the best interest of Naboo at heart much like another queen long since dead. Enough about that though let's see how one becomes a queen shall we.

Serafim was born eighteen year ago to Estella and Paul Mambie. She is their youngest daughter and the one they had extremely high hopes for. Of course that was mostly her parents wanting their littlest to stay home and be a member of either the royal guard or work along side the queen as an advisor one day. Serafim was not exactly too keen on that idea. As a matter of fact Serafim is actually extremely shy and awkward around other people and parties are not something that she enjoys, however, she is extremely smart. To the point that she is considered a tactical and strategy genius even at her young age which is why her parents wanted her in a position to help the ruler.

Serafim excelled where ever one put her save for in social situations mostly because she wasn't sure how to talk to peers her age. However, she was always one of those children that got along with the adults and the adults found her endearing. When the time came for her to do her thing she was little more than twelve years old. She had already been in the youth political league she had tested well in any military test given to her.

Still her parents would not let her leave for the New Republic military academy regardless of what the young girl wanted. However, being the girl she was she found a way to be involved in military in the first place watching none other than the Gungans train and some of her own people because after all defense is a thing. They may be a peaceful people but they have had a history that has shown them they need the defense.

At fourteen she got a taste of the galaxy and all she could think about was keeping her own people safe. So when she came home from watching it all it was near time for election of a new queen once more. She had only been in the galaxy for a few months when this happened by now she understood in a very small way what it was her parents wanted her to learn and why they wanted her at home.

She did not run for Queen then even though her father pushed she didn't feel she was ready. She tried the whole galaxy thing again and when she returned home this time she felt she was ready enough. Even though she wasn't exactly too keen on the parties and all the delegates she would have to host however, she won the election by a landslide due to those that knew how smart and just how much she loved the people.

Which brings us to now. She was elected just a month before the Hosian incident and she is devastated by what happened. Happy that her senator is still healthy and alive but she grieves for the others that are not. There is a little bit of a secret this Queen holds and that is the fact that she is force sensitive. But since the awakening she had been able to get a little tutalege to keep herself calm enough so no one at least has seen anything happen around her though she is sure her people wouldn't care its not them she is afraid of but the wider galaxy. she is not stupid by any means she knows things are never exactly how they appear to be.

She's just trying to keep Naboo safe in the upcoming war she knows is happening and she hopes she can pull through as well as her predecessors. If not better but she's unsure of this and well she is adaptable and learns quickly.

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