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SW:PR Guidelines
Before you decide to join us, this should be your first stop while exploring the forum. We have some guidelines for new members to follow. There are no secret codes hiding in any droids here, just make sure you have read and understood the rules and guidelines. We are a Star Wars forum dedicated to play-by-post roleplay, set Post-TFA and Pre-TLJ, implementing some Legends EU lore with plots and stories driven by the members.

Code of Conduct
  • While we are a forum primarily dedicated to a galaxy spanning war and there could be foul language, blood, and dark themes in posts, we are also not currently a premium site. As such, please keep all content and themes to a 2/1/2 or PG-13 rating, on par with what you might see in the Saga movies.
  • With the exception of the Cbox, profanity is permitted in social areas of the site.
  • It is important for the community that every member behave in a respectful manner towards others on the site. This is to say that offensive, degrading, or aggressive behaviour is unacceptable and we have a no-tolerance policy.
  • If you end up in a situation where someone is throwing abuse your way, please come directly to a member of staff and report it.

    General and Technical Rules
  • No application process, just create your account, fill out your profile and post the required information to the character list
  • No word count. Post as much or as little as you feel each post requires.
  • Canon characters accepted. Canon characters are those from the Saga films and their accompanying tie-in books, comics and video games.
  • Limit of three (3) canons each.
  • Canon characters are required to make two (2) posts per week.
  • Original characters accepted and encouraged.
  • Some Legends characters may be adapted for the Site, please check with staff before creating one of these characters. Legends characters do not count as Canon for purposes of character limit or activity requirements.
  • There is limit on and guidelines for Force users, please check with staff before creating a character for this faction.
  • IC Threads must be in Third Person.
  • All IC Thread starter posts must contain the basic header found here, filled out with the proper information.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar are important for readability and comprehension. Please give your posts a once-over proof-read and spell check before hitting the post button.
  • Thread tracks and Plotters are strongly encourage, but not required.

    Account Registration
  • Please start with an OOC account. All of your subsequent character accounts can be created from, and automatically linked to, this account with the use of the "create character" link in the header bar. No need for logging out or extra account linking steps. You can switch back and forth to your various accounts by using the drop down menu also found in the header bar.
  • Your OOC account name can be whatever you would like it to be as long as it contains no cursing/swearing and nothing offensive. This should also match the name you will be using on the Cbox and Discord.
  • All of your OOC activity, such as posting plotters/shippers, making claims, sign-ups, posting in the OOC sections, etc., as well as any temporary NPC posting should be done from your OOC account.
  • You must create a new account account for each non-NPC Character you play. The name of that account must be some form of that character’s name, with proper capitalization.
  • All in character posts such as threading and posting profiles should be done using the appropriate character accounts.

    Graphics Rules
  • Avatars are 250 x 250 and should be a picture of your character. No random images. You can use any type of artwork you like as long as it directly represents your character.
  • Graphics signatures are not allowed.
  • Thread templates are not allowed.
  • Affiliates & Directories
    Sithspawn: SWRP

    RPG Initiative
    Distant Fantasies
    Credit goes to Black at code for the custom structure and it's formatted code; Kismet at RPG-D for the toggle sidebar code; Randy Garza at codepen for the javascript used in the miniprofile; and widowspeak at cttw and code snippets for the skin.