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 Your Voice Cuts The Dark
Kylo Ren
 Posted: Feb 28 2018, 01:42 AM

played by Cole

Human 31 Years old He/Him Master Of The Knights of Ren First Order

Body is 6'2 & Muscular Currently Single

34 PostsFirst OrderPM Discord ID ~

Kylo summoned a droid and requested the hover chair. While they waited he found a dark robe and helped her into it, when the chair arrived he picked her up and settled her into the chair covering her still healing legs with a blanket. Securing his helmet over his head he led the chair from the infirmary, they went down a few halls and took a lift to a restricted area.

The doors opened to the throne room as they approached and he guided the chair down the cold imposing hall that was the supreme leader's chamber. Stopping a few feet away Kylo sunk to one knee his arm resting on his knee, head bowed. "Supreme Leader, I have brought you the girl who's voice you heard in the force. She is without name and I have named her Lu for now. As you have seen in your vast wisdom, she is strong."

Snoke let out a deep chuckle the sound was somewhat pleased "You have done well my apprentice" he said to Kylo before turning his ruined face to the girl "Hello Child, and welcome to the First Order."

@Luereth Ren
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