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 The Sound of Silence, Open
Tohren Vyel
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 04:25 AM

played by

Tohren the Man “I had an idyllic upbringing, I suppose. Seswenna is a backwater, of no interest to the great powers, dwelling on memories of past glory when it was a trade hub on the Hydian way, before the route changed. My parents were caring, my siblings and I played and fought as much as any. I proved apt at science and studied the Biosciences, specialising in the development of medications and vaccines. I wanted to help people and ease suffering, but wasn’t wasn’t interested in practicing medicine. I worked closely with those who did of course, and became close with one of my colleagues. My young life was quite perfect, if unexciting.” “Then the First Order came. They weren’t interested in Seswenna particularly, only in resources. People, of course, can be a resource, and they conscripted myself and my colleagues into their research programs, developing biological weapons and combat stimulants. I have never hated anything so much in my life, but they threatened our homeworld with their new weapon if we did not cooperate. I didn’t care if they killed me, it was my family for whom I feared.” “I don’t know where the information came from, some captured archive no doubt, but the Order learned of an ancient insectoid race, once native of the now-destroyed Alderaan, exploited by ancient powers and long ago self-exiled beyond the outer rim. Man-sized, intelligent, builders and warriors. Perhaps, as others had, they could use these Killiks for their own purposes. A rapidly breeding force of ground-troops, alien and unstoppable. These intelligent creatures would be reduced to canon fodder. I was amongst the team dispatched to find them.” Tohren the Joiner “We are Emissary of the Altacari Hive. We are ancient, and have travelled the void of space for generations since leaving the First Nest. We have learned that the once powerful hives of the Beings that Do Not Sing, who once drove us from our nests, have become weak and fragmented. We consider that now may be an advantageous time to return to our old home. We despatch this part of ourself, which is as they, as Emissary to investigate, to communicate and to learn.” “As Emissary we retain a certain independance of thought, and recall our life before we Joined. Always we serve the Hive first.”

Human (Joiner)28 Years old He/Him/HisEmissary of Atacari HiveLawful Neutral

Body is 6ft 4' & LeanCurrently Single

1 PostsNeutralPM Discord ID ~ Saveron#7876

20th of Month 5, 34 ABY // Deep Space
Introduction of Tohren Vyel. All welcome.

Once, the ship had been a small First Order corvette, meant to take a select group into deep space. It had done that, and it had come back changed, the organic additions rendering it barely recognisable. He too had gone into deep space, the wild regions beyond the outer rim, at the First Order's behest; not his own wishes. He too had been changed. Now, after four years, he had returned.

Well, something had. Something that had a purpose, a mirroring on those who had sent him. Find out who, what and why.

The robes he wore were of fine Killik-silk, shimmery and ever-changing, alien, but the face was the same his family had known and loved. Perhaps a little older, a little paler, his hair more haphazard, but the same. But not his eyes. The black-on-black eyes that watched the viewscreen were entirely alien.

Beyond the limited visual information the viewscreen could provide, those beings of Killik-kind that clung, scale-like, to the outside of the ship, their flat and largely immobile bodies adapted for the harshness of space, provided information far beyond the ship's own sensors. Within the ship, tiny mite-like Killiks and fingerlings moved here and there over the walls and the instruments, and the gestalt whole assessed the ship and the universe beyond, relaying the scent of stardust, the tang of old hyperspace trails and the light of distant stars in wavelengths far beyond Human perception.

Alone, the only humanoid form on the ship, Tohren sat and listened to the song of the universe.
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